You, to the Next Power

You, to the Next Power

You, to the Next Power

Gluten Free
No Crash
Sugar Free

Fusion Energy + Zero Sugar

Blue Nova

Bold Berry with Citrus Notes
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Refreshing Orange + Tangerine
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Light and Crisp Citrus Blend
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The Cleaner, Smarter Fusion Beverage that Fuels you to Succeed

Zero Sugar

Sweetened naturally with monk fruit, stevia, and erythritol for the perfect balance of healthy sweetness minus the calories. It’s pure guilt-free energy.

Plant Powered

Even overachievers need fuel to crush their goals. That’s why Exponent gives you clean energy from natural green tea extract to keep you sharp all day long without any afternoon crashes.


To break through all your limits, you’ll need an unfair advantage. The Asian herbs Panax Ginseng and Ashwagandha provide you with stable energy, reduced stress, and immune support.


Kick your brain into high gear with Alpha-GPC and L-Theanine.These two powerful nootropics promote enhanced brain power and calm confidence to crush your day no matter how challenging it is.


You’ll never be thirsty when you drink Exponent. Coconut Water Powder and Himalayan Pink Salt provide vital electrolytes to keep you fully hydrated for max performance on the field and in the office.

Amino Acids

When you push hard, you need to recover fast. Exponent supplies BCAAs and Glutamine for faster recovery, muscle growth, and brain health.

Energy Drink - Like it's 2024.

Boost your productivity, aid recovery and improve your mood.
Without the sugar crash.

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